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maranta's Journal

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I do not use Livejournal very much anymore. I recently began the journey through medical school, and don't have as much free time or energy as I used to.

I am very passionately pro-life. While I have recently developed into a passionate Catholic as well, my pro-life views are rooted in secular arguments, NOT religious reasons. I believe pro-life activism should be compassionate to women. I am an avid supporter of pro-life feminism and organizations that help mothers in need. If this sounds like stuff you are interested in too, join us in prolife. If you just want to carry on about us being "woman-hating religious wackos", then please go elsewhere, thanks.

I used to say here: I live at home with my parents. My father is rather seriously disabled: he has had a stroke, a leg amputated, and some heart problems. Despite the stress and heartbreak this situation has caused me over the years, I do love my parents and I'm grateful that my family has survived so much, and I pray that we will be together for a long time to come. Tragically, my father suddenly passed away on September 5, 2002 from complications after a surgery meant to save his remaining leg from amputation. I am at peace with the tragedy, but losing a parent is a life-changing event. I have started a community for all of us who have experienced the loss of a father at: imissmydad

You're welcome to add me to your friend's list as long as you don't mind that my updating and comments can be sporadic. I enjoy "meeting" new people on here!

Some random links:
Support Research on Epidermolysis Bullosa
Humane Treatment of Iguanas and Other Reptiles
Support Bird Rescue: The Gabriel Foundation
Rescuing Horses from Slaughter

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