Maranta (maranta) wrote,

okay, the freak out is over. mostly.

Writing about it (and talking to my mother) was cathartic. I feel a lot better about med school now than I did earlier today.
Dentists have a pretty good life, but I just don't have any love for the kind of work they do. I'll find a way to make it through the lousy aspects of medicine and find some joy in it.
I feel better for having questioned it, though.

Meanwhile on a lighter note, I bring you the friday fives:

1. When you are getting ready to leave your home, what are three things you always do?
Check that the bird's cage is latched, grab my purse, and lock the front door.
2. What is the most annoying habit that you have?
Being too negative/insecure, I guess.
3. If you could develop a new habit, what would it be?
Learning to be less of a procrastinator would be a nice start.
4. Do you participate in any religious rituals?
I didn't for a VERY long time, but lately I have started attending Mass and praying the Rosary. Helps to have something to meditate and reflect on when you're having an existential crisis over crazy stuff like med school. :)
5. Describe one custom that is unique to your community or culture:
Hmm, not sure. I'm just a generic American mutt without a culture, really. Well, let's say...Detroiters really like cars? I dunno. :-P

1. What is the best dessert you've ever had?
I am partial to chocolate cake with ice cream and HOT fudge.
2. Is there a dessert that just plain grosses you out?
Jello. Eww.
3. Straight out of the container or with lots of toppings .... tell us how you like your ice cream.
Straight out of the container. The right ice cream doesn't need anything fancy added to it.
4. Cookie dough, brownie mix, cake batter or the finished products?
Finished product. Especially if it's a batter with raw eggs in it. :-P
5. You've just invented a great new dessert .... what's in it and what is it called?
Uhh...the only personalized dessert I have "made" lately would be some chocolate candies that were left by my computer's fan long enough to melt slightly (which actually makes them better as far as I'm concerned). So call it uh..."Chocolate a la Computer"?
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