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From fridayfiver
1. The last person you will talk to in 2004: My dear buddy Joe, who I'll be spending the countdown with. We're aiming to stay up until 6 am celebrating.
2. The last meal you will eat in 2004: Hmm, haven't decided yet. Probably pizza.
3. The last person who will say, "I love you," to you in 2004: Probably Joe again, actually, in a platonic sense. The platonic bit is quite all right with me. At least I know he means it, as my best friend of 10 years (and counting). I've been burned on romantic love by too many sweet talking boys this year. :-P
4. The last party you will have attended in 2004: My own birthday. Sort of.
5. The lasting memory of 2004 that you will still think about in 20, 30 or even 40 years from now: Hmm, hard to pick one standout event. I guess I'd have to say I'll always remember the new things I saw during my med school travels: Flying for the first time, seeing the ocean for the first time, seeing Las Vegas for the first time...and then getting accepted! Let's hope 20-40 years from now I don't look back on this pivotal year and think, "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why didn't I become a dentist instead?" :-P
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