Maranta (maranta) wrote,

everything's coming up Maranta!

As it turns out, things with the dog aren't as bad as I first feared. The dog had an echocardiogram and it turns out that her mitral valve is diseased, but it is minor enough (for now) that she doesn't even need to be medicated for it. Since valve disease worsens with time (unless you do a valve replacement, but hardly anyone does that on dogs), it WOULD eventually become a problem...but the cardiologist essentially said that, as old as she already is, she will most likely die of something else first before her heart gives out.
This was great news, actually. I was afraid her heart had already begun to fail because she had been coughing and had an episode of rapid breathing...but the cardiologist says that wasn't because of her heart after all. Surprising, but a relief. The dog is still quite elderly and you never know what health issues will crop up next with an elderly animal, but for today we can relax. I appreciate those who were concerned on my behalf even though it is "just a dog". what do I talk about?
Um. This pumpkin-raisin muffin I am eating right now is quite tasty. Better than I expected actually. So, yeah, lots of good news. I guess I'm really on a roll again!
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