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Entering Class of 2005, baby!

So, anyway, the trip to AZ and NV was great. I love the American southwest. I may not be able to move out there for school (hard to justify paying that much tuition to go there if I have any cheaper choices*!), but I think I'd like to trying living in the southwest at some point in my life.

I enjoyed Las Vegas, although I don't think I would ever want to live near the downtown area. At night it's fun to cruise the strip and see all the people milling around in a neon glow. However, by daylight there was just something a bit seedy about all the wedding chapels and pawn shops on every corner. :-P We gambled a grand total of $2 in Vegas. Yeah, two dollars.

Visiting the Liberace Museum was one of the more interesting things we did in Vegas. Even though I had never been particularly interested in Liberace beforehand (I was vaguely aware of his reputation for flamboyance but have never seen any of his performances), it was still quite fun to see how he lived.
I myself am a devout cheapskate and firmly believe in the concept of living below your means. I have no intention of ever having a fancy car or fancy clothes myself. However, it's still interesting to see all the fancy and outrageous things he had.

While we were touring the anatomy lab at one campus, our student tour guide decided to pull the sheet off one of the cadavers to show us what we'll soon be facing ourselves. At other schools, we weren't allowed in the anatomy lab at all for the most part. In those places, nobody but actual medical students are allowed inside, because I guess it's expected they'll be more respectful of the bodies. Looking at the cadaver for that brief moment, for the very first time ever, I didn't feel any sense of fear or horror. I just felt a quiet respect for that person who donated their body. I can only hope that I can maintain such a peaceful, respectful attitude once I am actually in my Gross Anatomy class.

Yes, I WILL be in such a class come Fall 2005...because I have received an acceptance! *And yes, it IS a cheaper school than one in the southwest would be. :)
I shouldn't go into much detail yet since I am not quite 100% sure if I will accept their offer (I need to see what happens with some other schools first)...but it feels great to know that I DO have a place to go next fall as long as I WANT to go. ;)
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