Maranta (maranta) wrote,

Greetings from the Grand Canyon state

Yep, I'm typing this from a hotel room in Arizona. :)
The trip out here marks the first time I've ever been on a plane, and I enjoyed the experience. I felt quite at ease with flying...except maybe for those first few moments of take-off where I was not yet completely convinced that our big ole 757 crammed full of people could REALLY stay aloft. After a lifetime of ground-dwelling, it's an odd sensation to be accelerating up into the clouds...but quite cool.
So far, I am pleased with everything I've encountered in AZ so far. 94 degrees is quite tolerable when it's a DRY heat. To me, a nice sandy front yard full of gnarly cacti is more aesthetically pleasing than one grass lawn after another (I'd guess it would be less maintenance too). Yeah, I think I could be happy here. I'm not sure how things will turn out yet, but I'm definitely glad I decided to come here and check things out.
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