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By which I first interview is less than 12 hours away.
I'm so wired that I don't know if I will be able to sleep.

I don't feel ready for this. But...I don't think I will EVER feel 100% ready.
Since I have been feeling quite ambivalent about pursuing med school lately, I suppose I am not going to be crushed even if somehow it turns out to be an unmitigated disaster (for example: during dinner out with the family earlier, we somehow got to talking about the possibility that I could get food poisoning from the meal and end up vomiting on the interviewers tomorrow. That ought to put things in perspective!). :-P

Yes, once again those doubts are cropping up - though so far I have not reached the point of taking practice DAT exams (the test for getting admitted to dental school) as I was doing a couple days ago. :-P
I know I should be grateful that I have this opportunity...but I feel like this is a huge turning point in my life. I'm very apprehensive.
There are times that I want to just walk away from all this and try to live a more conventional, less frantic lifestyle.
But then I remember that nothing about my life has ever been normal, for better and for worse. :-P
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